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The easy list build formula for earning commissions, each time you click "Send" Imagine the feeling of emailing your list and watching the payment notifications start to roll in!

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Rodney Stokes

Building a email list allows me to just send emails, make money & truly live the Laptop Lifestyle!

The money is in the list but the magic doesn't happen until you learn the right methods in order to build that list.

List Build University will teach you those methods, so that you never have to struggle again!

Here’s What People Are Saying:

Verlinda Sweeting, Internet Marketer

No one takes the time to fully explain List building the right way and I am sure there are many who are STILL not getting the results they want. Rodney filled in missing pieces that I was not aware of. He is a great Leader and mentor. He has done it all. I encourage you to listen to him..

Nicholas Lal, Solo Ad Traffic Provider

Rodney is an absolute genius when it comes to the email marketing world. And I mean that in all aspects from the writing side, to the metrics side, but most importantly the technological side. You can’t go wrong working with this guy and I advise everyone to get on his list and be on the cutting edge of whatever comes out of his head.

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Enroll in List Build University!Begin Growing Your List Today...

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